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Hire nightliners and splitter vans in the UK and Europe

Frequently asked questions…

How do I book a splitter van?
1) In order to hire a splitter van from us, drivers must be 25 years or over and have held a license for at least 2 years. We can make exceptions to these rules, however they need to be approved in advance by our insurers (our insurers will often cover drivers under the age of 25 provided they have clean licenses, but they will usually increase the insurance excess).

2) To confirm a splitter van booking we require a non refundable deposit of 10% of the hire fee (£50 minimum).

3) The hire fee, plus a £1,000 damage excess deposit, are due at the start of the splitter van hire. The latter is to cover the insurance excess in the event of the splitter van being damaged. Failure to pay the fee in full will result in the vehicle being withheld. Due to recent legislation affecting the insurance industry we can only accept payment via debit or credit card for hires (cash or cheque are not accepted). BACS transfers are also fine as long as they have cleared prior to the start of the hire.

4) A valid driving licence must be produced at the start of every hire (we will retain an electronic copy) for each driver. For the new style licenses both photo card and paper counter part must be produced. We will also need to see a second proof of identity (passport, utility bill, etc) for the principal hirer.

5) Our hire period runs from 10am on the day of the hire until 10am the next day.

6) There is a European surcharge of £10 per day when a vehicle is being taken out of the UK. This is added to the hire fee.

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How do I book a sleeper bus?
1) In order to book a sleeper bus through us we first need to supply you with a quote for your tour. Please email us an itinerary for your tour (we need locations and the dates you need to be there). We will then come back to you with a fully inclusive quote for the hire.

2) To confirm a sleeper bus booking we require a non refundable deposit of 10% of the hire fee.

3) Generally 50% of the remainder of the hire fee will then be due before the start of the hire and the balance will be due before the last day of the hire.

The Vehicles

1. What are the dimensions of the van we are hiring?
Luxury vans
6.95m long
2.40m wide
2.75m high

Basic vans
6.00m long
2.40m wide
2.75m high

Mini Splitters
5.00m long
1.90m wide
1.90m high

2. What fuel consumption will we get in a splitter van?
You can get around 27-30mpg depending on driving style, terrain, weight etc. With a full van and a heavy foot you should bank on low 20s.

3. What are splitter vans booked as for ferry crossings?
You can book them as Vans/Minibuses/Camper vans.

4. Are automatic or manual transmission vans more fuel efficient?
They are similar. Our newest Automatic vans have 7 gears so are very efficient. **
5. Are we covered for break downs?
Yes, we have Mercedes 24 and Volkswagen Assist across UK and Europe. We also have RAC for smaller issues in the UK.

6. Will you replace our van if a problem occurs on the hire?
If we have a vehicle free we will do our best to swap them out, depending on where you are, as sometimes it will be quicker to wait for the repair.

7. How much weight can a splitter van carry?
Around 900kgs in the Luxury vans and 1000kgs in the Basics. Mini Splitters have a payload of around 600kgs.

8. Is there a mileage limit with your vans?

9. Can I plug my own hard drive into the TVs in your vans?
No, the TV’s are mounted into the bulkhead so there is no access around the rear of the TV. All our luxury vans have hard drives already built in.

10. What happens if I incur a fine (e.g. parking, Dartford Tunnel, etc)?
If you have a chance to pay it yourself do so. Otherwise if it comes to us we will bill it on with a £20+VAT administration charge.

11. What tyres do I require if I’m going to be driving in mainland Europe in the winter months?
It depends on the country, but most require tyres with the M+S logo on them for driving during the winter months (the definition of winter months changes from country to country, but most specify from 1st November to 15th April). Some countries will require full winter tyres (with the snowflake symbol, or M+S*). You will need to check this ahead of your hire what is required. The AA provide a guide here which they keep updated. We can supply full winter tyres with the M+S* markings if requested in advance.

12. Does the van come with a full tank?
Yes. Vans must be returned full otherwise we will charge this on at an increased rate (£2.00 incl VAT per litre as of 08.12.16).


1. Does the insurance policy cover our equipment and property stored in the van?
No, you will need to arrange your own cover for this. Our insurance policy covers accidental damage to our vehicle and passengers and third party vehicles and passengers.

2. Can I take your vans outside of the UK?
Yes, there is a £10 per day + VAT Euro Cover charge. We will need to know which countries you will be driving through as some countries are subject to restrictions or exclusions and we may have to charge additional costs. **
3. Can we use our own insurance policy?
Yes, subject to us having a copy of your cover note and agreeing to it.

4. How many drivers can we have insured?
You get 2 drivers on the insurance included with the hire fee. To add more there is a one off £10+VAT charge per additional driver.

5. Is there a driver minimum age restriction?
You need to be 22 or above and have held a full driver’s licence (issued within the EU) with no endorsements for at least 2 year. For those drivers with endorsements we will require at least 3 working days’ notice before the start of your hire to obtain approval from our insurers to allow you to be added as a driver. Anyone 22-24 or over the age of 70 and/or has endorsements will likely be subject to an increased insurance excess.

6. Can I drive a splitter van on a normal car licence?
Yes you can. You need a normal B category driving license to drive our splitter vans.

7. Can I tow a trailer?
You can tow a 6’x4’ trailer with a normal car licence. Towing anything bigger requires B+E on your driving licence. If you passed your UK driving test before 1997 then you should have these categories automatically, if not you would need to take an additional test to get them.

8. Can I add other drivers to the insurance during the hire?
Yes you can. We will need scans of the front and back of their card and a driver check code which you can get from the DVLA website ( If you are unable to send us scans of any of your drivers’ licences you will need to provide us with their driver number, National Insurance number and postcode as it appears on their licence.

9. Why do I need to pay the hire fee before the start of the hire?
Without payment up front the insurance is invalid.

10. What is a damage excess?
A damage excess (called a ‘deductible’ in the US) is the amount of money that the hirer is responsible for in the event that the vehicle is damaged or stolen.

11. Why are hirers responsible for a £1000 damage excess?
All vehicle hire companies have an excess. The reason it is £1,000 is due to our specialist insurance for the Music and Entertainment industry.

12. Can I reduce the damage excess?
Afraid not. Best option is just not to crash the van!

13. Will I get charged for minor defects to the van?
We don’t charge for:
• Scratches less than 25mm
• Dents less than 25mm
• Paint chips less than 3mm
• Glass chips less than 1mm
• Alloy scuffs/abrasions less than 25mm

14. If I arrange a driver through VFB are they responsible for the damage excess?
No, drivers are hired by yourselves, you are the hirer of the vehicle, therefore responsible for any costs from the moment the van leaves our yard until it is returned.

15. If I’ve driven one of your vans before do I still need to send in scans of my driver’s licence and DVLA check code?
Yes unless you’ve hired within the past 3 months, in which case it’s fine.

16. Do you accept foreign driver’s licences?
American, Canadian and Australian licenses are fine, as are most European licenses. It’s always best to check with us first.


1. Can I have the van delivered and/or collected?
Yes, we can deliver/collect to/from pretty much anywhere at an extra cost, please let us know when making an enquiry.

2. If I hire a driver do I have to cover the cost of driver meeting me at the start of the hire?
The driver will pick up the van from our HQ and bring it to you. It will leave our yard full so will need to be returned full of diesel.

3. Will a driver cover fuel/tolls/parking on a hire?
These are the hirer’s costs to cover. On some occasions the driver will be able to cover these costs while on the hire and then bill them on at the end, but this will need to be arranged in advance.

4. Do I need to provide accommodation for a driver?
Yes please, ideally their own room. Nobody likes a tired driver.

5. Can I collect the van the night before the hire starts?
Usually not, but we will always do our best to accommodate requests.

6. Can I leave a car on your premises?
Yes we have free secure parking at both sites. However, vehicles and their contents left at either of our sites are entirely at the owner’s or driver’s risk. Space is limited at the London Heathrow site so please ask in advance.

7. Can I return a van out of hours?
Yes we have self drop options available for both our Oxford and London Heathrow sites.

8. Can I collect a van out of hours?
No. Vehicles must be picked up in office hours.

9. Are the vans congestion exempt?
The 9 seat splitter vans and 9 seat MPVs are congestion charge exempt. The 6 seat mini splitters are not.

10. Can I store equipment and/merchandise with you?
Yes, we have secure storage lockers at our Oxford site and a deal with Rock-it Cargo in London. There is a charge for this service – please email us for a quote.

11. Can I have merchandise delivered to VFB for the start of a tour?
Yes you can. Please have it dropped weekdays between 10am – 6pm.

12. Can you provide a GPS (Sat Nav) for my hire?
Yes we can. They are £5+VAT per week. If you are hiring a luxury van then there is no charge for a Sat Nav unit, but you need to request one in advance to ensure we have availability.

13. Can you provide WIFI for my hire?
Yes we can, we have limited availability so please request one in advance. They are pay as you go units.

14. Can you arrange backline hire?
Yes, we have a close partnership with Cato Music who can provide backline pre-loaded into the back of your van for the start of your hire and will collect the equipment from our us at the end of the hire.

15. When can I get the vehicle registration so I can book the Channel crossing?
We can supply this at the time of booking, but we reserve the right to change the vehicle should there be a problem with it or a previous hirer returns late, etc.

16. What documents do I need to bring with me when I collect the van?
Your driving license and a second form of ID such as a passport.

17. How do I confirm a booking?
You will need to fill out and email back the confirmation details in the quotation email we have sent you. We also then need a 10% or £50 (Whichever is greater) confirmation deposit

18. What is your booking cancellation policy?
In the event of a booking being cancelled within 14 days of the beginning of the proposed rental period, we’ll charge you 50% of the hire rental. If it’s cancelled with no more than 48 hours notice you’ll be charged 100%

19.What are your opening hours?
10am – 6pm weekdays.
10am – 2pm Saturdays
10am – 12pm Sundays