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Vans for bands - Splitter Van & Sleeper Bus Hire for the Entertainment Industry

Rent Trailers for Touring Bands in the UK and Europe

VfB has over a dozen different trailers available to hire, all of which can be hitched to our vehicles on request. A versatile and affordable way to add additional storage for artists touring Europe and the UK, you can take advice from our experts to help you understand which will be most applicable to your needs. At a glance, here are the currently-available trailers on offer.

8’x5’x5’ box trailers

  • Double axle, 1 ton payload
  • Drivers need B + E category (automatic if test passed in EU before 1997)
  • Ramp door available on request

6’x4’x4’ box trailers

  • Single axle 450kg payload
  • Can be towed on a normal car license

12’x6’x7’ Ifor Williams 3.5 ton box trailers (buses)

  • twin axle
  • ramp doors
  • for use with our sleeper buses only

10’x6’x6.6’ BlueLine 3.5 ton box trailers (buses)

  • twin axle
  • ramp doors
  • for use with our 14 meter sleeper buses only

Please note that according to UK law if the gross towing weight of a vehicle and trailer exceeds 3500 kgs and the vehicle is being used for ‘Hire and Reward’ (ie, for business) then a tachograph should be used. Our splitter vans are not fitted with tachographs.

Vans For Bands - Splitter Vans & Sleeper Bus Hire